APERTURE - Milan April 2017

Architects Giovanni Cagnato and Ruggero Moncada di Paternò open to the public an apartment in renovation in via Solferino 11 to showcase how heritage becomes an added value to a contemporary project.“During a first investigation several clues from the space’s former design prompted us into a sequence of interventions with the aim of bringing back the authentic layout of the apartment.A feature immediately stood out: the flat’s different rooms were all interconnected by a passageway of doors alongside the main facade. The wall, divided by a sequence of windows facing on Largo Treves, then opens onto an oval vestibule, from where, before the actual layout, you could get into the main halls.Suddenly it seemed very important to keep alive this old way of living the house before changing it with the final project and we decided, during this Milan Design Week, to let the visitors see how this apartment looked during the 1800s.”Ancient walls and pre-existing openings are simulated with the use of blue colour; reclaimed doors and jambs, unique for the beauty of their woods and decoration motifs, are now positioned in place of the original ones. The set up continues after the vestibule with a visual prospective of jambs aimed to a door that opens onto an imaginary space”. The collaboration of Aperture Studio with Maresca Interiors represents a further ‘opening’, this time into the world of modern design.More will follow.