MEANDROS - Milano April 2018

For Salone del Mobile 2018, Fromental, Maresca Interiors and Solomon&WU in collaboration present Meandros, a conceptual journey through objects, textiles, and materials.The exhibition celebrates our relationship with the world and invites the visitor to partake in an immersive experience which aesthetically explores the evolution of humanity and reason. Curated and art directed by Maresca Interiors, Meandros is a journey through six rooms, beginning from the courtyard of Via Solferino 11. The visitor is suspended in both time and space, through an exploration of innovative materials, intricate wall coverings and modernist crafts with a myriad of forms and colours that seem to have surfaced from the most creative imaginations.Each of the six rooms is an abstract representation of the evolution of human reason: in its rawest form, to its increasingly ordered state and finally culminating in its elevation to the highest form.The desire to constantly push the boundaries of their craft and creativity has brought together Fromental, Maresca Interiors and Solomon&WU. Each shares the belief that design is a polyformal artistic expression, and for Salone del Mobile they are breaking constraints and formulating a complex, unified and sensory experience for visitors.