Driven by a timeless visual aesthetic and fuelled by the desire to merge innovation with functionality and sustainability, Maresca Interiors ventures into the world of furniture design with Lito, a versatile collection of tables for both indoor and outdoor. Combining the best of Italian design with an environmental conscience, Maresca Interiors has researched and developed methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment without compromising on quality or style. The pieces are made from a unique terrazzo blend of locally sourced resins, mineral aggregates and natural pigments combined with small pieces of natural stone that would normally be discarded by the mines. These natural stones are given an opportunity to shine in pieces created by Italy’s best craftsmen. The result is a range of pieces that cross boundaries between nature and design, never overpowering but always maintaining a unique and distinctive character. Highlighting the unpretentious and organic colours and shapes of natural stone, Lito is a collection compatible with both classic and contemporary interiors, which can naturally blend into any landscape setting. For more images, stockist information or to request a catalogue, get in touch at