Maresca Interiors




Maresca Interiors, in partnership with the Brazilian institutional gallery Passado Composto Secolo XX, continues in its mission of promoting Brazilian Modernism. This time in the more uncharted territory of tapestry. Amazed by the beauty of these textile artworks, Maresca Interiors showcases a selection of pieces at their showroom in London. The curation of pieces represents the spectrum of different artist that pioneered the art of tapestry in brazil from the late fifties to the 80s. Contemporary with the likes of Sergio Rodrigues and Joaquim Tenreiro, less known artists Genaro de Carvalho, Jean Gillon, Rubem Dario, Jacques Douches and Norberto Nicola were finding in tapestry the perfect medium for expressing their art. With the assistance of Passado Composto in securing and authenticating the tapestries, many still in possession of the artist’s family collections, Maresca Interiors is hoping to find an enthusiastic European audience for these unique and very special pieces that marked an important chapter of Brazilian Modernism. For more information, ad-hoc searches and to find out our up-to-date stock, get in touch at Please find above a selection of tapestries we source.