TRAMAS - Zurigh September 2019

Humo gallery presents Tramas, a conceptual journey through objects, Textiles, and materials. The exhibition celebrates craftsmanship and invites the visitor to partake in an immersive experience which explores the human ‘ability of Making’ within tapestry, sculpture and photography. Curated by Sandra Nedvetskaia and Cecilia Maresca Gautier of Maresca Interiors, the visitor is suspended in both time and space, through an exploration of raw materials, intricate wall coverings, modernist Crafts and monochromatic pictures with a variations of forms and colours that go beyond the boundaries of time. Showcasing for the first time in Switzerland, maresca interiors brings a Selection of Brazilian modern tapestries alongside a number of iconic Brazilian design pieces from the ‘50s and ‘60s that are in dialogue with sculptural compositions of curiously juxtaposing materials from Brazilian artist Tulio Pinto and a number of form inquisitorial imagery Inspired by the same textile artefacts from Swiss artist Peter Hauser.